Glass Tile Offers Unparallel Depth and Beauty

Diamond Tech Glass Tile launches its primeire glass tile line, inspired by cathedral glass windows. The Stained Glass Series made it's premiere debut for this 25 year old company at the 2004 NEOCON Show in Chicago, where it won Best Of Show. "Our Stained Glass Series Tiles have an unparalleled depth of color and richness you have to see to believe," explains Dan Daniels, President of Diamond Tech Glass Tiles. "Each tile has an opalescent stained glass appearance, possessing colorful swirls and streaks."

The Stained Glass Series can be used as a focal point or as a neutral back-drop complimenting many of today contemporary and traditional building materials. Mr. Daniels adds, "Each glass tile has its own individual character while maintaining the color schemes desired by today's architects and interior designers."

The Stained Glass Series offers an assortment of 30 Opalescence Glass Tiles. Its opalescent nature makes the color and grain of each tile vary , creating a custom look every time it is used. Tiles are offered in 2" x 2"; 2" x 6" and 4" x 4" and have smooth round corners and beveled edges. The Stained Glass Series is a trend-setting tile with a handcrafted look.

About Diamond Tech Glass Tiles
Diamond Tech Glass Tiles is a new subsidiary of The Daniels Corporation, a family owned and operated American based company. Founded over 25 years ago, The Daniels Corporation's primary objective is to provide innovative art glass products, tools and accessories to the tile, architectural, stained glass and consumer market. The company, Diamond Tech Glass Tiles was created to manufacture unique art glass tiles. As with all Daniels Corp Companies, Diamond Tech Glass Tiles is dedicated to providing their clients with the best products for the greatest value. They offer several lines of glass tiles, each with a distinctive look and feel to maximize their clients design possibilities.

Stunning Metal Alternatives to Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile and Marble are no longer the only choices. A Unique Floor Covering of solid metal tiles and planks is available to meet the discriminating tastes of Architectural and Design firms seeking one-of-a-kind decorative treatments in functional spaces for clients of distinguished sensibility and artistic temperament.

Carina Works, an innovative metal tile and cabinet hardware design and manufacturing company based in Austin, Texas, has developed handcrafted metal tiles that are captivatingly original, sensuously beautiful and an alternative to the classic floor or wall treatment of European ceramic tiles or fine woods.

The scientifically engineered glazing of Carina Works' solid metal floor and wall products allows them to be installed anywhere ordinary ceramic tiles are used. Carefully calculated grinding, brushing, and color treating the solid aluminum material produces a completely handmade, individual work of art with a rich, reflective texture; tasteful, elegant and TOTALLY ORIGINAL. When installed, these pieces come alive with motion and light providing a unique visual experience in color and design that can be appreciated from any angle.

The planks are 4 feet in length and available in standard 4" and 6" widths, as well as custom widths. The tiles are 2.5", 4", 6" and 12" square, and are stunning accents for the metal floor planks. Wall products are available in gloss or matte finishes; floor products in matte. Custom logos, designs, and colors can be worked into the tiles and/or planks before glazing.

Lincoln Still Inspires 25,000 Americans to Build a Log Home of their Own Each Year

Abraham Lincoln was born in a hand-hewn, one-room log cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. Nearly two-centuries later, Lincoln's birthplace still symbolizes America's pioneering spirit, inspiring the sale of 25,000 log homes annually.

Most log homes are now sold as kits or packages by some 55 manufacturers who are members of the Log Homes Council of the National Association of Homebuilders ( There are countless small manufacturers as well.

Rich Horn, Log Homes Council president and an executive with Northeastern Log Homes in Kenduskeag, Maine, points out, "Today's log homes are engineered to meet the building, energy and safety standards that apply to all modern US housing. Computer-controlled milling machines shape the logs with tongue and groove joints for a precise fit. Steel fasteners, foam gaskets, and caulking between the logs protects against air and water infiltration. High quality, energy-efficient, double-glazed windows and doors are typically used. Most log homes are professionally built."

University of Maine at Orono, studies show that modern log homes require less energy for heating and air conditioning.

Package prices depend largely on square footage and whether the kit includes components such as windows, doors, roofing, interior walls and stairs. Northeastern Log Homes (, for example, includes all these components as well as pre-cut and numbered logs. Prices range from about $25,000 for a starter home to $100,000 or more for a custom, luxury model. Total move in cost, not counting land and site preparation, is about two-and-a-half to three-times the price of a complete materials package.

"The market for larger models tends to be baby boomers who are building vacation homes that will become their full-time residence when they retire," says Horn, whose company has exported log homes to Japan.

Keeping Up With Current Trends Is Essential

Current trends indicate an increasing demand for jobs using high-end materials and specialized inlay installations. The DL7000 is here to help installers meet this demand while saving time and money. "The saw paid for itself after the first job!" quotes DL7000 user, Sid Sidman, Fantastic Floors Inc

"Designed for the shop setting, this 3/4hp wet band saw makes precision cuts through natural stone, porcelain, glass and ceramic tile. It can even handle slab materials up to 1 ?" thick.

"We use to cut circles on a regular table saw, taking up to ? hour to cut. Now using the DL7000, we cut them in 10 minutes; saving time and money," states DL7000 customer Raul Rodriquez of Whistler Tile Marble.

Its durable metal construction stands up to the heaviest shop use. Easy-to-use adjustments allow installers to cut quickly and its large two-wheel design creates a 13" throat depth for deep diagonal cuts. The DL7000 includes instructional manual, toll free tech support and 1 year warranty.